Diagnostic X-Rays

Diagnostic X-Rays (also known as radiographs) are the most common initial diagnostic radiology request.

When your physician needs to investigate a chronic cough, fever, abdominal ache or bone injury, diagnostic x-rays are a frequent, quick and effective imaging tool utilized for illness or injury evaluation.

X-rays are noninvasive tests that use x-ray beams which are passed through the body and captured on a computerized detector from which an image is made. X-rays may be performed on any body part. Although diagnostic x-rays use radiation, the amount for most exams is generally less than you would receive over the course of a year from the sun.

There is no preparation and no appointment necessary at any of our imaging sites. Patients may take their images with them on either film or CD after the study and immediate interpretations and reports are available upon request by the ordering physician.

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