Breast Imaging & Intervention

The American Cancer Society reports that one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in her life.

You can't change a genetic predisposition to breast cancer, but your risk can be reduced by making healthy diet and lifestyle choices, embracing a routine of regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight. You can assess your personal level of risk using the National Cancer Institute’s Risk Assessment Tool. When these steps still fail to prevent the start of cancer, the skilled professionals at GCM Radiology use the most advanced technology to identify cancer in its earliest stages, giving you the greatest choice of treatment options, and the greatest chance for a cure.

Our radiologists are board-certified and have received fellowship training in breast imaging at some of the most prestigious teaching and research centers in the country. We recruit the most highly trained and compassionate technologists to further ensure that our patients receive excellent care every time they come to us for help.

Leadership and innovation
"One of the underlying principles of our practice is to evaluate new and emerging techniques quickly, and to decide which will be of greatest benefit to our patients," says Dr. Janet Storella, President of GCM Radiology. "We were one of the first practices in the area to offer stereotactic breast biopsy, digital mammography, breast MRI, and MRI guided breast biopsy.”

"Staying on the leading edge of developing technology requires a significant commitment to women's breast health, not only in the dedication of millions of dollars to acquire this advanced equipment, but also in the dedication to increasing our own knowledge and understanding of these technologies, becoming experts in each new advance so we can offer their benefits to our patients and referring physicians."

Working together for your best results
GCM Radiology is proud to be part of Suburban Hospital's Breast Cancer Program.

"Our Breast Imaging Center is part of the larger GCM Bethesda-Suburban Imaging Center," describes Dr. Storella, "but with an important distinction: we have created a separate area for our breast care patients, raising the level of privacy and ensuring that all necessary imaging services are conveniently located."

If a patient has moved beyond an initial diagnosis of breast cancer, it is important to "stage" the disease, determine whether or how far the cancer has spread beyond the breast tissue. This may require ultrasound imaging, PET-CT, or MRI scans. All of these imaging modalities are available on site.

GCM radiologists, working as part of your multi-disciplinary team, go beyond screening and diagnosis to provide the full spectrum of imaging services, which may reveal important new health information as your treatment progresses.

GCM Radiology's affiliation with the Suburban Hospital Cancer Program also supports access to cutting edge clinical trials through the National Institutes of Health.

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Locations for Breast Imaging