GCM Patient Survey

Patient Survey

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If this is your first visit to GCM, how did you hear about us:

Please check how well you think we are doing in the following areas:

Ease of getting care:
Ability to schedule your exam:
Courtesy of receptionist answering the telephones
Hours imaging center is open
Convenience of imaging center's location

Time in waiting room
Waiting for test to be performed
Overall waiting time in imaging center

Staff: (Receptionists, Technologist, Radiologist)
Courtesy of office staff
Took enough time with you
Explained what you wanted to know
Gave you good advice and treatment
Friendly and helpful to you
Answered your questions

Neat and clean waiting room
Comfort and safety while waiting

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Do you have any comments or suggestions, based on previous experiences
at Doctors Groover, Christie & Merritt or elsewhere?