About GCM Radiology

Providing full service diagnostic imaging since 1916, we are one of the most experienced radiology practices in the country.

The radiology practice of Drs. Groover, Christie & Merritt, P.C. was founded in 1916 by Thomas A. Groover, M.D., Arthur C. Christie, M.D., and Edwin A. Merritt, M.D. Located in the Washington metropolitan area, GCM is one of the oldest continuing radiology practices in the country and currently provides a full range of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services at multiple sites in DC and Maryland.

Our practice is composed of subspecialty-trained, board-certified radiologists who have received advanced training at some of the finest institutions in the country. In association with Sibley Memorial Hospital (DC) and Suburban Hospital (MD), we are dedicated to providing the highest level of medical care to our patients, referring physicians, and local communities.

To learn more about our practice, available information includes profiles of our radiologists, the sites and services at our various locations, billing and insurance information, and ways to contact us directly if needed.

GCM has been an integral part of our medical community for almost a century. We appreciate the confidence in our abilities expressed by our patients and referring physicians and look forward to continuing to provide them with state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services in the future.